Top Venture Capital Firms (VCs) in Egypt 2022

Behind almost every great innovation, there’s someone with a purse that had to fund it. If it’s a person we call him/ her an angel investor and if it’s a company we generally call it a Venture Capital firm. Venture Capital (VC) is a type of financing that is provided to very young companies with strong growth potential. In addition to funding, most VC firms offer technical or managerial expertise to their portfolio companies.

If you needed money to grow your startup in Egypt, you would have had a very tough time 10 years ago. The startup ecosystem was completely different than how it is nowadays. Almost all VC firms that are currently present in Egypt have been founded in the past decade. As a result, the initial rounds of investments, which are also known as Pre-seed, Seed and Series A rounds, are booming in the region. The bigger Series B and Series C rounds, on the other hand, are still much less common (see here the latest article about the top-funded startups in Egypt).

Here’s a comprehensive list of the leading Venture Capital firms in Egypt:

NameFounded Date
138 Pyramids2014
Algebra Ventures2016
Egypt Ventures2017
Endure Capital2015
Modus Capital2016
Orange Ventures2015
Sawari Ventures2010
Sequence Ventures2019
Source: FinancialStories

Note: The list is ordered in chronological order

1. 138 Pyramids

Founded Date: 2014

Target: High-impact early stages growth companies to support them unravel their true potential

Description: 138pyramids is a venture capital fund established and managed by Delta Inspire in an effort to contribute an active role in supporting Egyptian startups and enhancing the development of the Small and Medium Enterprise “SME” sector

Portfolio companies: Temraza, Dockland, Fooltank, THS,Total Fix Solutions and others

2. A15

Founded Date: 2014

Target: Technology

Description: A15 is a leading VC in Egypt and the MENA region that creates digital products and technology brands. They back founders in the Middle East and North Africa region early on in their journey to build the future

Portfolio companies: IFix, TPay, Wuzzuf, Mumm, Zammit, and others

3. Algebra Ventures

Founded Date: 2016

Target: Fintech, agritech, logistics, and healthcare

Description: Founded by a team with more than 65 years of combined experience in VC, investing, technology, and management, Algebra Ventures is making smart investments in Egypt’s future. The company is committed to exploring and investing in a diverse array of companies and sectors. Algebra Ventures also provides technical support and training to help companies navigate challenging operating environments and accelerate growth

Portfolio companies: Fawry, Sarwa Capital, Misr Hytech, and others

4. Arzan Venture Capital

Founded Date: 2014

Target: Technology

Description: Arzan VC is committed to building a long-lasting relationship with the region’s most talented entrepreneurs and invest for success. As of January 2020, Arzan has invested in 40 companies.

Portfolio companies: Swvl, Fatura, Careem, Taker and others

5. CVentures

Founded Date: 2018

Target: Financial Services, FinTech, AI

Description: It is the corporate venture arm of Commercial International Bank (CIB) and is based in Cairo, Egypt. CVentures is an early-stage, cross-border venture capital firm primarily focused on Financial Technology

Portfolio companies: Yodawy, Magic Cube and others

6. Edventures

Founded Date: 2017

Target: Education, Culture, and Innovative Learning Solutions

Description: EdVentures is a corporate venture capital specialized in serving the fields of Education, Culture, and Innovative Learning Solutions. The firm invests in startups and supports entrepreneurs across 9 cities and 5 continents.

Portfolio companies: OTO English, Greenish, Career 180, EYouth, iSchool, and others

7. Egypt Ventures

Founded Date: 2017

Target: Tech Startups

Description: Egypt Ventures is an investment firm focused on empowering the entrepreneurial ecosystem by investing in accelerators and co-investing in high-growth enterprises. Their goal is to fully transform the investment landscape in Egypt and unlock the country’s entrepreneurial potential

Portfolio companies: MNT-Halan, Wasla, AvidBeam, Wasla, Magalix, and others

8. Endure Capital

Founded Date: 2015

Target: diverse

Description: Endure Capital is an early-stage investment fund headed by entrepreneurs. According to its website, Endure Capital has an impressive IRR of 43% with a total portfolio value of USD 80 million.

Portfolio companies: Breadfast, Thndr, Nowpay, Maxab, KarmSolar, and others

“I am convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance. There are such rough moments in time that I think most people give up. I don’t blame them. It’s really tough and it consumes your life. It’s pretty much an 18 hour day job, 7 days a week for a while. Unless you have a lot of passion about this, you’re not going to Endure.”

Steve Jobs

9. HIMangel

Founded Date: 2017

Target: Technology, yet they keep moving forwards into other verticals such as Waste Management to Manufacturing and Healthcare/Tech

Description: HIMangel support early-stage startups to grow. Their key framework focuses on offering our startups mentoring, early-stage business building, cross-portfolio integration, and direct connection with stakeholders

Portfolio companies: Fil Khedma, BioMax, FreshSource, RecycloBekia, Smart Medical Services and others

10. Ideavelopers

Founded Date: 2004

Target: Technology

Description: Ideavelopers is a subsidiary of EFG-Hermes Private Equity. The firm manages the Technology Development fund – a $50 million fund focused on early stage technology companies. According to their website, they have invested over $25 million in 17 companies operating inside and outside Egypt

Portfolio companies: Fawry, Offerna, Nefsak, Advanced Smart Cards, and others

11. Innoventures

Founded Date: 2011

Target: diverse

Description: Innoventures, LLC is an innovation platform with a mission to turn creative ideas into successful businesses that change the world. They provide their portfolio companies with funding, mentorship and access to a workspace

Portfolio companies: Crowd Analyzer, Cubii, Pixlly, Tripdizer, Agrona, Ekacia, and others

12. Investia

Founded Date: n/a

Target: diverse

Description: Investia Capital Group is a venture capital firm that strives for optimizing growth trajectories through identifying, capitalizing and shaping opportunities for all stakeholders

Portfolio companies: Foodera and others

13. Modus Capital

Founded Date: 2016

Target: diverse

Description: Modus Capital is a global venture capital and venture builder firm that combines the operational and financial capital needed to build ideas into scalable and sustainable tech companies

Portfolio companies: Arbor, Simplero, YBC, SmartMentor, Epic Reality, and others

14. Orange Ventures

Founded Date: 2015

Target: diverse

Description: Orange Ventures is the Venture Capital Fund of the Orange Group, with EUR 350 million under management. Orange Ventures Africa invests via two distinct streams: Middle East & Africa Champions and Middle East & Africa Seed

Portfolio companies: Monzo, Aire, Gebeya, Batch and others

15. Sawari Ventures

Founded Date: 2010

Target: technology with focus on finance, education, healthcare, energy and logistics

Description: Sawari Ventures is an international venture capital firm that invests in people turning visionary ideas into market-leading companies in the MENA region. It

Portfolio companies:  Swvl, MoneyFellows, Instabug, Si-Ware, Elves, and others

16. Sequence Ventures

Founded Date: 2019

Target: Health-tech, fintech, ed-tech, prop-tech, logistics, and DevOps

Description:  Sequence Ventures has created strategic alliances with 45 VCs and accelerators in four main base regions, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, and Russia. They have 2 funds: An Egyptian fund and a European Fund.

Portfolio companies: n/a

The startup ecosystem is still at its early stages in Egypt and the region and we are optimistic about what’s to come. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful!

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